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Thread: Just started a new neighborhood.

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    Just started a new neighborhood.

    I'm looking for new neighbors to join that like to do the derby and just have fun.

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    Come join us!

    Are you a Derby Lover,well so are we! We do tasks 315+ and don't require the use of diamonds to speed up production or extra tasks! That's totally up to you.

    If your not a Derby lover then that's ok too! Just Opt out and still help out in our hood.

    You'll be made Elder upon your arrival,so we can speed up new tasks in derby!
    If you love derby and can't do it at times it's ok,just opt out.


    I don't ask much,just that if your not much of a talker which is fine. But I'd like it if you pop in just to say hi to let us know your active! I ask that you help out and are respectful.

    We are an English speaking group and there are just three of us at the moment and hoping that we get more neighbors to expand our group! We are all from USA but welcome others from all over. Must be 21+ please.

    Come join us now before next derby starts and call us your new family!

    Red shield with swirls in background with a purple fox!

    No need to PM me,just join us!!🙃🎉😉💋

    Derby Slasher's

    Current members:

    Myself- Maaof3boys
    Dees Farm
    Brooke Haven

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