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    Update rolling!

    Finally it's coming! I thought we're going to wait for a few more days..
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarmap View Post
    The update is out now! Check out the announcements thread. So excited!!
    Yep! Looks like they are pushing it through during derby break, good idea really.
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    Update available!

    The update is rolling out, so check it out:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post
    The update is rolling out, so check it out:



    Thank you Nick and Hay Day team!

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    ***need some new trees/bushes, products, crops and animals***

    ***its a humble request for some new trees/bushes, products, crops and animals***

    It is very boring to play with few trees, there are lot of fruit trees/bushes which can increase the excitement of the game as well as the number of products. The trees/bushes like orange, banana, mango, coconut, grapes, pine apple, water melon, tamarind etc.
    PRODUCTS- banana milk shake, various fruit juice and jam, flavored biscuits and cakes
    CROPS- garlic, mushroom, onion etc.
    ANIMAL- Fox (produce pelts)

    need a new theme for the game and lots of new deco....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haystacker View Post
    Nick, come join the fun
    Give us one haiku, will u
    Show us what u got
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I got no clue
    on how to write a haiku....
    What the hell?
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    Thank you so much sweet Supercell.

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    Can't download since the "great" update

    I have not been able to update the game since the update. My device is now not compatible. And since Hay Day won't let you play until you update it also means I haven't played since the update. I tried all the workarounds, when is this glitch going to be resolved?

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    Deleting tasks

    Is there a limit on how many tasks you can delete off the board?

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