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Thread: Why Join Dwarven Juniors??

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    Why Join Dwarven Juniors??

    hi there

    Our clan is Dwarven Juniors.

    We are not a feeder clan.

    We are a fair play clan who like to do things properly. We war back to back with opting out ok. We use line app for added communication but this is not compulsory. We are mostly adults but are cool with younger players who understand the game and can clash as part of a team...(that goes for the adults too).

    We are friendly, helpful and always open to new ideas and innovation. While promotions are earned, everyone is valued in our clan and we do not have any silly pecking order.

    We do 20 to 25 member wars with th9s and down. We have several .5s and most of us run anti 3 star bases. We USE 3 star attack strategies. We do not kick because of failed attacks but hopefully learn from them.

    We are social, international and put our players first, not winning. We do play to win though, so if you are part of our team you need to hit twice in war and be around enough to communicate. You can expect to receive maxed troops in war any time of day.

    We have a solid core of townhalls at all levels, in particular 7, 8 and 9.
    While we were on about a 90% win rate once we hit level 8 and with all the recent updates we have decided to run pressure off wars. In these wars we still expect members opted in to attack twice but are encouraging everyone to experiment and hopefully improve and widen attack options.
    We could of set up a feeder to do this or an events clan...etc ...but we realised we werent too precious about our war win % and saw the long term benefits of sticking together and learning under the one roof.

    In terms of troop levels. While strong troops at your level are desirable there are a number of factors which we do not rule out on the matter. Firstly a newly levelled up town hall is not going to have max troops we understand this. Secondly we do have a small number of members who we are happy to support in mending their rushed ways. If you are keen to learn then that is great. In this case you might have to wait a bit to war. This doesnt mean we are going to accept anyone. If you are worried about your troop levels or need some advice you are welcome to pm me.

    Hope to see you in game. And hope i answered why DJs is worth joining. Did i mention we are nice....

    You can as mentioned pm me or just come by for a visit. Please include my name in your request to join.

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    more hoggers join the ranks

    Great to have 3 new members, 1 not so new, who all like to hog.

    Going for 3rd perfect war in a row.

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    that third in a row war was far from perfect....oh well we learnt more from it than the previous 2....and back on the war horse

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    couple more

    a couple more hoggers join.... Welcome!!

    we still got a few spaces left for more. hop on over, even if you dont consider yourself a hogger but wanna learn.

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    back it up

    Way to go djs.....bouncing back with a perfect war

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    level 7

    nice work DJs
    what a journey
    level 7

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    another solid win. we had some great attacks against some anti hog bases....strange to see these layouts in a predominately gowipe opposition.
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    few spots

    heading quickly for our 100th war win. gonna do something different for a war once we make it there. few spots available if you want to be involved in the celebrations. also thinking, like we did for xmas having an easter themed war event. pack your egg shell bases....we will still be attacking to win....
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    Nov 2014
    Been a member for quite some time now to this clan, and would like to point out a few things I enjoy about it so far.

    Not to get mushy, but I've gained some friends over here in Dwarven Juniors. If you are willing to put yourself out there and talk and have fun you will be better off for it. That's really the beauty of the clan.

    We are a Great War clan in the th9 and below range. We are organized, and we often ruin go wiping clans because we do 3 star strategies. I personally like to experiment. If I fail I fail. It's very forgiving here.

    The he clan is laid back, and if you want to have fun have fun! By all means get to know us.

    I don't want to make this post too long (or mushy) but if you are a Th9 or below looking for a Warring/Farming clan who likes to have fun and joke. This clan is for you.

    Ive been settled here, and I don't want to leave.
    -If you are interested in well thought out ideas click on the first text below.
    -If you are looking for a clan, click the second text below. We'd love to have new friends!



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    no speed bump

    "I personally like to experiment. If I fail I fail. It's very forgiving here. "

    lol jibu....why cramp the style of an experimenter. Jibu aint just dropping and hoping....well thought out, hard hitting attacks going for the 3 stars. A real delight to watch.

    such a good crew of th8 updates werent even a speed bump for them. most of them have been in the clan since the start, recruited as th5s, friendly and welcoming, they got your back in war too!
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