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Thread: Level 36 seeking a social neighbourhood who participate in Derbys

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    Level 36 seeking a social neighbourhood who participate in Derbys

    Hi there!

    Im a fairly active member and seeking a socialable neighbourhood to interact with, I'm a keen hay day player and I'm very helpful. Also looking for a neighbourhood that participate in Derbys regularly. Looking forward to hearing back from some of you

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    Join our neighborhood!

    Hi! We are looking for people to join our neighborhood. We participate in the derby and help each other as much as we can to complete tasks. Our neighborhood is called Lilys Neiborhood and our symbol is a pink cat. Just so you can make sure you choose the right one, here are a few names of the neighbors: stinky farm, weird Karen, there are two Lilys.

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    Happy helpers would love to have you. We are very dedicated derby players. We are in championship league. Require 310 tasks must complete all 9 tasks. Do extra if you can. We are active and very helpful.
    Green fox. Leader summer (osiyo) time.

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    Come join us!

    GIVE ME THAT COUNTRY TWO is a fun, friendly, strongly Derby oriented nh. We always finish all tasks and only do tasks over 300. Sometimes we are chatty and sometimes not. We help each other with tasks and believe in team spirit. Come join our neighborhood !

    Our symbol is a blue axe and saw-crossed on a red background
    Our current leader is Mars (we rotate leaders)
    We are in the Champoinship League
    We all speak english

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    Come join the KELLER COOP neighborhood.

    Join our neighborhood and you will be in on the ground floor.
    Looking for people who are willing to start at the beginning and help us move up quickly.

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