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Thread: Near max th 8 in need of clan

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    Near max th 8 in need of clan

    Hey, I'm a very active adult clasher, who loves to farm.

    i have a nearly maxed out TH 8 base. (Only dark troops, walls, and bk left.) (bk - Lv 7) I am looking for a very active farming clan. In order to stay in a clan, I need a high donating, high activity with some friendly people. As previously mentioned, I am an adult, however, I do not need to be in an ALL adult clan, as long as there is maturity. In order to contact me you can reply to this thread or kik me @ jjackson_p

    AN ACTIVE CHAT IS A MUST, and I can war if needed, THANKS!

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    Casimir Effect from SRCE Alliance

    Check us out using the link provided in the signature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CasimirEffect View Post
    Check us out using the link provided in the signature.

    Can I pop in with my mini acct for a few to check things out? If it seems good, I'll join w my th 8

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    How active is active for you?

    We got a good group but chat can get quiet during the work day. Lots of good peoples though, looking for more folks who like to be online such as yourself. Give us a look.

    <::::::::::::}]xxx@ BRING THE PAIN @xxx[{::::::::::::>
    LFM TH7+ for Wars starting Sat, Tue, & some Thur @ 9pm EST. Find us in game!

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    Come check out Awesome-O


    Awesome-O is a level 3 clan that is looking for adults or mature people who are interested in being competitive, but not at the expense of having fun. It is a game, after all. We have a solid core, but we are in need of more!

    We are hoping to bring in clanmates who are active, donate frequently, want to share & learn tips and strategies to help the clan improve, and, hopefully, interested in having some laughs in the chat. We are interested in building a strong clan community.

    We are looking to have wars at least 2-3x a week (but clanmates can opt in & out as they want).

    Come check us out, stay a while, and hopefully we will be a solid fit.

    When you request, say you are from the forum looking for Norton in case we are in a war.

    Clan: Awesome-O
    Badge: dark red & white
    Tag #L9GQQY9P

    Hope to see you there!

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    Jedi Risen

    Jedi Risen is an active, adult war clan with some pretty hardcore farmers too.

    We are clan level 8 and 117-22-1 in war. We use Line app and to stay organized. Opting out of war is always OK for any reason.

    We do two week farming contests for gold raided, de raided, etc. Donations fill quickly and chat is pretty active.

    Here is our main thread with more info:

    If this all sounds good, please request in game and mention enough from your post for us to identify you.
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    If you still need a clan, look in the signature below and join. Lvl 8 war clan
    Curtis_Elson: 36487 Trophies, Level 152, TH11, Co-Leader "TacticalAssault" #GYY2V2PY Gold Grab=801,790,345.....Trophy Record=4146.....Friend In Need=88,447.....Heroic Heist=3,734,674.....War Hero=473

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    The Republic #88LP29YP

    Here is a basic intro of my clan:
    1) We are hybrid and believe that farming should coexist with warring.
    2) We war 3 times per week but opt out is freely used
    3) We have a 1k per season donation/request requirement but no specific ration requirement.
    4) We use clashcaller and telegram but our telegram messenger group is not mandatory.
    5) We are international and laid back, but we are organized(this is very important).
    6) Most of all, we respect you the individual clasher and we believe you should determine how to play your game.
    We are currently level 4 and we are growing steadily. We have our core players so we are winning our wars.
    There is definitely a friendly and supportive atmosphere and I'm sure most will feel very comfortable with us. Come
    Check us out and see if you like.

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    We need you

    Legions is a new war clan we have 10 member we love to war. You must donate and opt in or out for war. We use an app called group and clash caller if you have any more questions just pm me.

    Hope to see you there

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    Adult War Clan CBN Recruiting 3 star ***specialists only!!!💃th8+ 😉135 wins

    Apply directly in game, but remember to let us know in the join message that you found us through forums(this thread).

    More info:

    We are in top 100 in Canada.
    War clans web page

    3* attacks on Cbn channel

    Th 8-9s can apply to main clan Cbn #9Y2JYV9C
    looking for Th 8s who can run hogs,goho,holo.

    First War with exp.

    Last 10wars September 12/2015

    Screenshot made Aug 5.2015

    Check us out
    We hope to see you in the clan soon!
    Clan: CBN
    Location: Canada
    Clan tag:#9Y2JYV9C

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