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Thread: Forum Exclusive Contest - Make a Rhyme

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    Forum Exclusive Contest - Make a Rhyme

    Time for a forum only contest!
    Following the below rules, forumers can make a rhyme about 1 of the 3 troops listed.
    1. Valkyrie
    2. Goblin
    3. Healer

    These 3 troops were chosen because they present a challenge, and we want to see how creative people can get. Now to keep things short and sweet, you can only use a maximum of 200 characters. ​There is to be only 1 submission per person, you may only choose 1 troop.

    Naturally there will be prizes!
    Winners will be chosen by Mods and Staff, and we do not accept bribes of cats.

    Let's get to it!

    Note: Submissions will close on 29/02/2016, and winners announced on 01/03/2016.

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    What an awesome contest! Will edit with my rhyme later

    A fierce little redhead
    The valkyrie is
    Don't make her mad
    'Cause she won't miss

    Swinging her axe
    In circles, as she goes
    Please watch your backs
    She's to be handled by pro's
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    Thanks for the awesome sig Alex!

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    I actually missed you guys. Not as much as I miss Knight Rider but close.
    Ok..I'm no poet...but best shot at short notice.

    The Ballad of The Lonely Healer

    The poor little healer was lonely and scared,
    But she followed the Giants to show that she cared.
    Then air mines and bombs struck and ended the raid,
    So the Giants stopped calling and asking for aid.

    She sat all alone and wondered aloud,
    It’s the end for the healer with those mines in the ground.
    Then the door opened wide and the Archer Queen came,
    ‘I need you my Beauty the rules aren’t the same’.

    'There may be evil mines there as you fly above,
    But down there they stay as you spread healing love.
    So walk with me sister lets go smash a base,
    It’s just you and me now, by my side is your place.'

    So the healer was loved with no need now to hide,
    Just her and her Queen walking proud side by side.
    She would war again now as people watched live,
    'What the hell! What is this! Who invited the other five!'
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    Lach you should more than well know this is not the correct sub forum to post this in...

    I am joking don't ban me
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    The goblin lusts for coins
    Using their almighty groins
    Though they have red noses
    Because of greed overdosage
    And green with envy
    Doesn't make them friendly

    The battlefield is madness
    When goblins are seen
    There admirable blandness
    Combined with the shakes of protein
    Makes these goblins a force that's often unforeseen
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    Will put up my rhyme here too soon. 😃
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    Valkyrie Edition: Struggles of a Two Star Attack

    Oh, no, dear valkyrie!
    Why do you make such a mock of me.

    I always aim for the best,
    But you make this such a test.

    My patience is wearing thin,
    And the battle's in the last min.

    Aren't you going to help win?!
    Of course not, because you're just a loony bin.

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    The rules changed after my submission....have to do another...You do realize 200 characters is practically nothing right?

    My submission:

    'Healer! Healer!' Cries the queen.
    'Protect me from forces unseen.'
    Dodging the ADs she comes to aid
    A 3 star victory is surely made.
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    Reserved.And by the way this the wrong subforum as pointed out by Micheallo.

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    There was a cry going out; nerf the healer!
    Because she would be a loot stealer.
    But hey, said the queen,
    I don't wanna be mean,
    But who is the real damage dealer?
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