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Thread: Forum Exclusive Contest - Make a Rhyme

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    Angelic Beauty,
    Sturdy and wise.
    She gazes from above,
    Into the darkest disguise.

    Valkyrie is thee,
    Sudden and strange.
    Difference is an understatement,
    Where royalty reigns.

    Beside a Valkyrie,
    A scaled King resides.
    Ready to fight,
    And to die.

    Alongside all Valkyries,
    The king stand proud,
    In armor of valour,
    They will fight.

    The Valkyries,
    Angelic and dark.
    They will fight,
    To save you from the dark..

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    The Goblin

    The goblin creature,
    that gloriousness of nature,
    only thing at which he's good
    is taking all the precious loot.

    Always runs, but never hides,
    looting pumps, looting mines,
    for gold, elixir has no brakes,
    dark elixir always takes!

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    Roses are reds
    violets are blue
    Goblins are sh!t
    Healers are to
    Valkeries shall die
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    There once was a goblin called Tink
    Who even once stole the kitchen sink

    "It's all profit, you see"
    She once said with glee
    With that she was gone in a blink
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    The healer's an angelic nurse,
    who gets hurt worst, shall be healed first.
    She gets confused when forces part,
    but do not blame her gentle heart.
    Her eyes are big just like a bug!
    but do the curtains match the rug?
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    The smoke just clears and standing still
    A goblin looks back up the hill
    Over the top she strides quite quick
    Swinging her axe towards foe and brick

    Sparks just fly as she makes her way
    Towards the middle for that stuff, dark grey
    But wait just there, rising from the ground
    An electric buzz sounds all around

    She stands still now, sweating as she grips her axe,
    These tesla things take a heavy tax
    She looks as though she going to fall
    But wait it seems she's not done all

    Flying, coming high across the sky
    She says today my dear you just won't die
    Small stars come out her extended hand
    Falling down and down on the valk they land

    Refreshed and new Valkyrie picks her spot
    Swings the heavy axe, the tesla stops
    Silent now it goes from sight
    Onwards she goes to finish the fight

    i made a 200. characters about all 3 so that's 600 characters in total?
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    The Tale of The Goblin - Loot King

    "These pesky little green thieves"
    "Steal the loot and run out with ease"
    "They fool the traps and go around"
    "Without making a darn sound"

    "They rule the mighty goblin hoards"
    "And summon storages with loot in loads!"

    "But finally they are useless"
    "Chieves using them more or less"

    "It's a tale of this King-o-Ring I see"
    "Who came to be the fastest in coc"

    "But soon he died which is so sad"
    "While stealing tons of loot, leaving the defender mad!"

    "Once and for all it's a brother in arm"
    "Who is used with other troops to loot farm!"

    Hope my Piece of Artwork becomes popular and I win!

    It rhymes too!😂
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    I see far away,
    a sight that has swept me away.
    Her job is quite brilliant,
    to make troops resilient.
    Without her healing,
    The troops start squealing!
    I see far away,
    A healer on her way!

    I tried
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    Quote Originally Posted by Holps View Post
    Ok..I'm no poet...but best shot at short notice.

    The Ballad of The Lonely Healer

    The poor little healer was lonely and scared,

    But she followed the Giants to show that she cared.

    Then air mines and bombs struck and ended the raid,

    So the Giants stopped calling and asking for aid.

    She sat all alone and wondered aloud,

    Itís the end for the healer with those mines in the ground.

    Then the door opened wide and the Archer Queen came,

    ĎI need you my Beauty the rules arenít the sameí.

    'There may be evil mines there as you fly above,

    But down there they stay as you spread healing love.

    So walk with me sister lets go smash a base,

    Itís just you and me now, by my side is your place.'

    So the healer was loved with no need now to hide,

    Just her and her Queen walking proud side by side.

    She would war again now as people watched live,

    'What the hell! What is this! Who invited the other five!'

    gosh this is brilliant, had me laughing at the end. this deserves big credit due to its relevance to the healers progression in the game!
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