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Thread: Forum Exclusive Contest - Make a Rhyme

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    The lonesome goblin bows to no lord,
    Sitting on his precious hoard,

    He has no eye for the traders,
    Nor those who call themselves invaders,
    He recalls his old friends,
    Who had a vicious case of the spends,
    In vain he tried to warn,
    of the impending storm of scorn,
    Alas he bailed,
    As he realised he failed,
    Now he sits all alone,
    If only they had known

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    Competition Entry

    Here come a goblin strolling by,
    he sees the gold at a blink of an eye,
    he turns and darts - eyes on the prize,
    a witch appears, her skeletons rise,
    the goblin runs as quick as he can,
    returning the loot back to his clan,
    the defending skeletons keep pace,
    but of course the goblin wins this race.

    The attacking force emerge victorious,
    the goblin awarded most meritorious!

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    Some fantastic rhymes here!

    Heads up, submissions will close in 2 hours.

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    When you're dying in the jungle
    There's only one guardian angel
    She lives to protect
    More powerful in a quartet
    No she's not your average sheila
    She's my majestic flying Healer!
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    The Goblins
    They run and then hit
    The gold inside a village
    Attack bit by bit,
    They don’t care about the spillage

    Gold fills their sacks
    As they run in a line
    Arrows narrowly missing their backs
    As they scream ‘Mine, mine, mine…’

    Haha, hope you like it. Does the character limit include spaces?
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    Awsome Entries, these are my favorites

    Congrats all around !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Holps View Post
    The Ballad of The Lonely Healer

    The poor little healer was lonely and scared,
    But she followed the Giants to show that she cared.
    Then air mines and bombs struck and ended the raid,
    So the Giants stopped calling and asking for aid.

    She sat all alone and wondered aloud,
    It’s the end for the healer with those mines in the ground.
    Then the door opened wide and the Archer Queen came,
    ‘I need you my Beauty the rules aren’t the same’.

    'There may be evil mines there as you fly above,
    But down there they stay as you spread healing love.
    So walk with me sister lets go smash a base,
    It’s just you and me now, by my side is your place.'

    So the healer was loved with no need now to hide,
    Just her and her Queen walking proud side by side.
    She would war again now as people watched live,
    'What the hell! What is this! Who invited the other five!'
    Quote Originally Posted by KCClashers View Post
    She knows no fear, she knows no anger.
    She charges with courage straight into danger.

    She passes out out life like a heavenly dealer.
    A gift from above, It must be our healer!
    Quote Originally Posted by PocketRevolution View Post
    I return to my village;
    The news appears fine.
    My defense was successful
    and some trophies are mine.

    My joy turns to pain
    As my buildings appear.
    All my storages leveled!
    It seems goblins were here.
    Have fun,

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    Some super awesome rhymes here guys, wish we could choose you all!

    Congrats the the 3 winners! You will be contacted soon with details of your prizes!

    Goblin Winner

    Gobs, Greedy, Going for Gold,
    Green Guys Gather at Gold Mines Ten-fold,
    Gang Up at Great Glinting Globules of Gels,
    Get Rekt, However, by Giant Bombshells.

    Valkyrie Winner

    A maiden who lived in a balcony
    Who just loved to study her alchemy
    Trading dresses for slacks
    As she picked up her ax
    And changed to the life of a valkyrie
    Healer Winner
    She knows no fear She knows no anger
    She charges with courage
    Straight into danger

    She passes out out life
    Like a heavenly dealer
    A gift from above
    It must be our healer
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