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    Report Droping

    my nickname hanselio

    I want to report a
    strange event in a normal match, I am trying to get Titan league, yesterday when I was close to reaching titan league(About 15 cups) I drop off from a game vs "Izon" I lose 34 cups, then one day after, again when I close to reaching, I drop off again vs "CRHISS911"I lose 29 cups

    I want to say I never drop off in a a game i play with 4g, second after rejoin, my game was perfect without any lag :/

    they are ayu 9 both players, and
    both of them, they have a couple of defenses successful

    I do not want to think evil , but this is abnormal,and I think that should be monitored
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    What was the error message when it happened? We had 3 "server/client mismatch" errors during war attacks...all different people against 2 of top three on other team. We all live in different cities. Hasn't happened for any of them before. Just seemed weird. Seen the error while making troops and stuff, but not 30 sec into an attack before.

    posted this on another thread like 6 down.

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    my game is in spanish I am from Mexico(sorry for my english), the message was "The client and server are out of sync"
    and this error not was in war match, it was in a leader match, Is the first time a I have this problem
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