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Thread: Boost production!

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    Boost production!

    I have 3 days left of my week shield and about 5.3 mil of elixir. I want to try to be able to upgrade my archers to 6 stars. I did the calculations and I found out that I won't have enough. So, is it worth spending 20 gems on each of my elixir collectors?

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    Break the Sheild with a day left and raid.

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    Not worth it at all, faster and more profitz from just buying the elixer, at the time the shield will end , buy the extra elixer with gems.
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    Hello everyone! When I only got 9 TX, I had 3500000 elixir, and I immediately began to pump Mrs. store, then I often had to wait for the finished building my store as an elixir was packed! To complete the construction of labolatorii I already had 7800000 elixir, so I ran the bows and wait 14 days!

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