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Thread: 🏆🐄🐐🐓🐖We laugh, we chat, we win derbies🐝🐈🐇🐎🏆

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    We are a two week old Nieghborhood of experienced winners. We reformed from a group that went inactive. 8 players doing all the task for 24 people. And we still rocked the derby. Welcome to the Oregon Ducks. Green emblem with a yellow chicken. Luv my Ducks is our leader but everyone e gets promoted fast. We are a multi- national group so we are on pretty much 24 hours a day though we are mostly west coast PST. Adult group but we are all kids at heart. Give us 30 minutes to prove we are awesome. We help each other complete everything That's why we win. 🏆
    mind if I ask which League are you guys in thanks

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    Come join the fun there are only a few hours left before derby kick off.

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    🏆🏆🏆 We are now in the CHAMPION LEAGUE 🏆🏆🏆

    Come join the fun champions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skipboac View Post
    Come join the fun champions
    Hello I sent you a private message about your neighborhood. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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    We are Farmily

    Still looking for great fun folks

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    We are Farmily and in the champion league

    🐎🏆🏇🏼🐄Come join us in the Champion League. We are 15 player that are wanting more great neighbors. Level 60 min but we make exceptions as long as your dedicated to win!!! Must do all 9 tasks and we prefer 300+ point task. Come join the winning fun

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    Just 7 hours till derby. Join us

    We are in the champion league and want you to join

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