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Thread: Looking for help on how to attack this th9 war base.

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    Looking for help on how to attack this th9 war base.

    Hi, I'm looking for a strategy to attack this th9 war base. I'm Th9 myself with max troops and spells. My heroes are 20+. Please let me know what you think. Thanks

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    Quad or pentalavaloon. Send heroes at the top where the air sweeper are and maybe a few wbs to break wall to take out sweeper and 1 ad. Then send a hog at the bottom to lure cc(bring 2 poison so you can knock it out if its a drag. If its a lava then who cares)

    Then deploy air phase from east side at 12 olock. bows are down and the queen is a low lvl so your troops will destroy that base so long as you provide enough coverage for your loons with your lava
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    GoLavaLoon - bring the following spells: 4 quake, 1 poison or haste, 1 heal, 1 rage, and 1 poison in CC. Bring the following troops: 1 golem, 6 wiz, 2-3 wbs (if bringing only 2, then 2 arch or whatever), 14 loons, 3 hounds, and a max golem in CC.

    Start by either luring CC (you don't have to with this strategy) or dropping your 4 quakes in the area of the lower left air defense. That will open up the center corridor and allow your kill squad to funnel in. Drop 1 or both golems at the 9:00 position. Drop 4 wiz to build a funnel at the 9:00 position. Once the funnel is formed and you know your AQ won't wander off, drop your wb's to take care of the exterior wall at the 9:00 position. Then drop both heroes and watch them punch in. Use a rage to power through the enemies CC once it targets your troops (also drop a poison on the enemy CC once its close), then heal on top of your BK while he uses his ability to take out the enemies AQ.

    Once both left AD are down and the enemies AQ, then begin dropping loons 2 per defense on the right side. Quickly dropping Hounds from different directions to protect your loons. Base will fall apart completely. drop last 2 wiz on the exterior to begin cleaning debris (make sure you drop them in an area void of defenses).

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