Based God Mach is an elite war clan filled with friendly, competitive,and social players,3 star specialists,and our primary objective is winning wars

War Record
121-5-9 (20 Win Streak at the moment)

No donation requirements, organized war with anti 3 star bases learn how to 3 star a base of your caliber using unorthodox attack strategies

Requirements to join

  • Th10 25/25 heroes with maxed troops LVL 9 walls
  • TH9 10/10 heroes with maxed troops LVL 8 walls minimum
  • TH8 must have lvl 4 hogs with a minimum of a lvl 5 king (No pink walls)
  • TH7 close or full maxed out base with LVL 2 drags (close to maxing walls)

War base must be anti 3 star
Communication we do have a kik group chat if you wish to join our chat for discussing strategies ,calling bases out, and interact socially with each other KIK MUNOz972