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Thread: !!!gems!!! Most valuable clasher awards?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBully1990 View Post
    What?? 5 gems for 1 star and 25 gems for 3 star? Why are you so stingy? 1 star is worth over 100 gems, at the very least I say. 3 star should be 500 gem. If 6 star a war, the leader should offer a Lamborghini Huracan to the person.
    You're a clown

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    I think thats a great idea! Say a clan member gems you out a golem with 10 mins left in war, I'd like to repay him his 15 gems, but I guess I just repay it with the same kindness

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    A one star attack shouldn't be rewarded in war!?!? That person should be ridiculed! A two star on a th10 or lower should be also. I like the idea of a communal clan gem bank tho.

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