Welcome to the Clash of Clans API beta! We're thrilled to make a Clash of Clans API publicly available for the first time ever. The current version of the API gives you access to:
  • Clan search with (near) real-time results including badge images and member lists
  • Location based rankings
  • League list with badges

We can't wait to see what you build! Remember, the continued development of this project is ultimately up to you, the players. Please send us feedback on your experience with the API, along with any suggestions of what kind of features you'd like us to add going forward.

You can discuss and provide your feedback in this thread!

Clash On,

Getting Started page can be found here, and Supercell's Terms of Service here.

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave feedback and provide suggestions for upcoming API updates! We're collecting your ideas and we'll now start to think of what else we can add to make the API even more robust (no ETA yet).

For phase 2 I'll also create a Clash Developer subforum with some prefixes so we can better track your suggestions, questions and content you guys are developing!