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    Dear CoC staff team.

    I have a problem when I did delete the history on CoC application and try back to play again with my town. The results are that I can't play back to my 7th town hall.

    When I reconnect is getting me nowhere and I linked to another account?

    My old account is called Leviathan, unfortunately They stole my phone a few months ago i had an accident since I play on a client computer, but you can check the logs for That That was mail account and used my e cristian6931@ gmail. com.
    If You Could Please help me I really careful playing it and I would not lose my mind I hope your ayudenme response, verify the IP, Which Has Been The One with the Which account is connected and mobile.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Sorry maybe this is not the area but did not know where to seek help.

    If you could answer me in Spanish if Spanish staff in better, I'm from Venezuela.

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    Playing clash of Clans on computers is not supported by Supercell , I don't think support team help you. But it worth a shot, you should contact in game support team and ask them to help you. Here is how you can contact them :

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    Don't tell support that you were playing coc on PC. Simply tell them everything you have mentioned here except that it was happened on PC. Tell them that it is happened on your phone and also tell the name of your phone. Please don't mention anything about your PC otherwise they won't help you.
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