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Thread: Project infinity | next-gen th8 bases| farming - trophy - war|

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    [Project Infinity| Next-gen TH8 bases| farming - trophy - war|⚓






    TH8 FARMING BASE-"Σούπερ κύβος"






    Hi guyz, Its POP and Welcome to my first ever TH8 Base Design thread. After the update, I had created manier Bases for TH8s but I've shortlisted the best ones here. I'll be using this thread to keep you updated with my coming base DESIGNS and projects too.

    Please read the whole thread and check my second reserved post for latest versions of my designs and new bases as well!

    NOTE: Thread has been reduced and the bases which weren't good and capable have been removed because of many other reasons. Threads will be updated with respect to the second reserved post of sharing designs as well.

    DEADPOOL-War Base

    This is the War Base that I created for TH8. This is a prototype and I'll be posting other versions of this base soon. I refer this base as " Deadpool" which is a marvel fictional character. You might resemble this base with the famous Kyuokai, but, I haven't copied the base and I've maintained its originality. Here are some of its capabilities-:
    DGB pathing to kill Hogs
    Anti-GoWiPe Sectors to prevent troops reach the core via multiple base sections.
    Storage shielding to core
    Effective CC Coverage
    Anti -Dragon and Anti-Air capabilities to defend against Aerial attacks.


    Here's the Version 2 of the base-:
    Reworked on Anti-Dragon capabilities
    Improved DGB placement and Hog killing.
    Placed traps better in the core


    Version 2.1 is here! Maybe it's the final version and here are its updated PROs and reworked things-:
    Reworked on Hogs Pathing. I give 4/5 to the pathing personally😉
    Enhanced Aerial Strength and prevention
    Made Anti-GoWiPe Sectors stronger. Slow entry to the core
    Introduced GoVaLo Prevention too, stop Valkyries get an entry into the core

    BOUNDLESS- Trophy Base

    NOTE: The base works amazing till Crystal 3 only. I'll post another Trophy base to prevent Trophy loses from War and skilled attacks.

    A Southern TEASER for TH8s which can be used for Trophy Pushing, the base is Great and Holds manier great capabilities. Well as of now, I can assure you that "Boundless" can defend against 80% of the attacks from the South including Hogs to an Extent. Here are some of its mechanics-:

    High Troop Killing and annihilation from the South
    Storage coverage towards Aerial as well as Ground Defence
    Effective Spring TRAPS as well as bombs in every compartment
    Close GBs to ensure Hog killing with Balanced Trap positioning


    Here's the version 2 for the base, Reworked on Giant prevention. Posting anti-AQ feature soon! Stay updated people!


    Here's another Anti-3* WAR Base which can defend against GoWiPe exceedingly. Though i noticed that it had Junctions which could be opened with a straight entry to the core. The base is made to-:

    Provide an Unlurable CC
    Kill Surgical Hogs as well as normal Hog attacks
    Assymetrical design confuses GoWiPe attacks and leaves the attacker clueless.

    Σούπερ κύβος -Farming Base for DE

    A Farming base for High DE protection and other resources protected equivilant with great mechanics to prevent Giant attacks as well as other Farming Strategies and compositions. I've made efforts to make it anti-th9 to an extent. My personal twist and fusion of Mega-cube by jlam and Hypercube designs by Ash. Here are the key features-:

    High DE protection
    Balanced storage and side-resource protection
    Effective funneling for tossing Giants.

    Dawnfall -Farming Base for DE

    A very efficient and reliable base design which priortizes your DE till the maximum limit. A half Labyrinth and half Vault base, Dawnfall has been designed to provide better funneling pleasures and loot Protection to an extent. It's keyfeatures are-:

    High DE Protection
    Gold and TH as side-priority
    Good Vault funneling against defense attacking troops like Golem and Giants
    Mild aerial attacks can be suppressed easily

    FireBreak -Farming Base for DE

    Another of my Labyrinth base which offers High DE Protection with equivalent priority given towards TH and Gold storages and cc. The base is based upon Vault bases and their mechanisms with respect to high Labyrinth funneling and qualities. As per my view, the base can be easily defeated with good aerial attacks but still, decent efforts have been made to protect the core and its buildings. Some of its features are as follows-:

    Vault defense funneling
    Excessive and precise funneling
    DGB spot to combat hogs
    Confusing attackers in manier possible ways

    Archangel-Farming Base for DE

    Archangel, A great base which is currently being tested by me. Works absolutely flawless till now because of the semi-vault configuration in it. The base can be related with Dawnfall, but in this case, the side-troops which support defense attacking troops stand no chance. Few of its pro's are as follows-:

    High-End funneling
    Decent CC radius support
    High DE Protection
    Vault configuration Flushes army composition separating main troops completely exposed and other troops thrown out of the so called, resource moat.


    Though I'm testing these Bases continuously, still I'll be needing help in collecting defense logs, thus, those who can help me test these Bases can contact me via this thread or a PM/VM. The Bases work well and I hope they keep working as expected.

    Thanks to all the Guyz on BD for helping me and Criticising my Bases!������
    Thanks to all of you who post on BD!
    Cheers Guyz!

    Will Be Posting Speedbuild for the Bases soon!

    Posting Complete Explanation thread and Breakdown Soon! Need willing testers!

    PM or Contact me via this thread if any questions!

    Thanks to Civtrix, ACE9991 and many others for providing me logs and helping me test my designs!

    Please leave a comment and give your precious views and criticism so that I can know your perspective and improve my work!

    Designs continued in second reserved post!

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    Defense logs for Bases

    Here are some of the defense logs for the Farming Base Quince. The base is surely Weak to Hogs but, according to my experience, Giants weren't a problem except TH9 attacks which defeated the base completely.

    Here are some logs I collected for the LABYRINTH base CRYPTORITHM. The base worked well for me and the only complete defeat it got was when I had no trap armed and empty CC because I was inactive for a few days. The base has been updated with an Anti-AQ feature too, will post the other version as soon as possible!

    Click here for logs for "Boundless"
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    Other Versions for Designs and sneek - peaks

    Well the thread got quite accumulated. This post will be used to post other versions of the designs and for first view on upcoming designs.

    Deadpool- Version X

    More Anti-dragon version here-:

    Mechanics have been improved!

    More Anti-hog version for Deadpool x, still dragon prevention is great, no mechanism change besides better hog pathing!

    Electro- Trophy Base sneak peek

    My current design on hold-:

    Tesseract- Farming base v2

    More Anti-Giant version here-:

    Suicide Squad Version 2

    Updated the design with effective trap placement, mechanics still the same!

    Design updated with balanced protection against dragons.

    Th-8 Labyrinth Farming base- Broken Glass

    First of my hardcore labyrinth designs which offers extensive DE and Gold Protection with great funneling and significant damage trap placement. Here are it's keyfeatures-:

    High DE protection
    Gold Protection with TH in the core
    Great funneling to place the giants or other troops over the GB, DGB and other traps.
    Vault design features which funnel the troops in the outer layer for the first few giant deployment.

    Th8 Trophy Teaser Base- Surface

    My second trophy pushing teaser base for th8s which offers good defensive power and winning ratio as compared to losses. I expect this base to defend all kinds of th8 attacks and th9 giants as well as mild GoWipe. What I think is that this base can defend till Master-2. Here are it's keynotes-:

    High troop killing and funneling from the south.
    Great storage buffering and placement to slow dragon attacks and GoWiPe
    Multiple compartments in the North as well as pure storages which screw GoWiPe.

    Version-2 is here for Surface!

    Version 2 is here! Offers maximized GoWiPe protection and larger Southern compartment with Open funneling.
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    Nice base!
    Also, can you link me to the TH6 base as you said before? Thank you very much!
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    Hi mate, here's the link to my Base. I'll be working on the 2nd AD version today and post the new one, take a look Here!

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    Im looking for a th 8 farming base but in this one it seems like the storages are too exposed. Am i wrong?

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    on deadpool:

    move the 12 o clock archer tower down to the right to open space right below it in the core, pick up those 2 protruding wall pieces at that same spot. Now remove the builder huts in the core and fill the space with a single wall or two, maybe move a tesla to one of them, this will create an additional 2 more potential DGB spaces for a hogging attacker to worry about since right now its pretty obvious.

    thats my only suggestion
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    Nice bases. I like the looks and aesthetics

    However, on your war bases I would suggest making the double bombs better. Right now they are very, very poor locations. Also on your farming base I don't see why you said the base would defend against DE loss, because the DE storage isn't even centralized nor well protected.
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    Very nice presentation. Do you have any logs?

    Unless there's some specific plan I'm missing, I would re-think many of the traps and bomb placements on all 3 bases. Placing them in the path of defense oriented troops should yield better results. Take Quince, for example. Giants (or hogs) will avoid your spring traps as they path inward to attack the next defensive target.

    Unless you are anticipating a large group of troops funneling into one area, I'd also consider keeping the spring traps and bombs separate (see Heracles) Why damage a troop that you're just going to toss?

    These were just a few things that came to mind. Good luck!
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    cool. Nice layouts. I'm going to rush th8 now.

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