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    Clashing Offline

    Clash Of Clans Should Have An Offline Mode To Work Without Needing An Internet Connection.
    The Offline Mode Could Include Attacking The Goblin King And Changing Your Village's Line-up Until You Go Back Home Or Wherever There Is Connection It Will Automatically Apply The New Line-up That You Created. If You Forgot To Train Troops At Home And You Just Went Out You Could Open The Game And Train Troops For Later On Usage.
    Please Tell Me What Do You Think Of The Idea And If You Like It Or Not.

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    Yep offline mode would be good for hard core addicts who can't survive without some clash game of some sort or form and no connection.

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    I think if there would be a sandbox or mini games it would make perfect sense to play them offline

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    No offence, But You Don't Have To Speak Like This!
    And anyway, a reason that Supercell made their game online, is so people don't use the time ♥♥♥♥♥. This wouldn't work out at all.
    Also, read the sticky

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