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Thread: Daily Star Bonus...ever other day? What a joke.

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    My first raid was yesterday morning at 8am. My timer just restarted at 4pm today.

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    I think SC fixed this..
    The first time, i got 24H after getting my 5th stars.
    Now, after maintainance, i got 13H after getting my 5th stars.
    Which is last night when the bonus starts and when i got my 1st star.

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    You may check out my signature on a possible solution to the issue at hand.
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    idk about u guys but a new day starts at 12 am. That is when the "daily" bonus should start. Anytime that day u get 5 stars u get the bonus! Idk why it has to be so confusing.

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    I am all for complaining about poorly implemented features, but why are there so many new threads complaining about the old way star bonus worked that were started AFTER the update that changed the way star bonus worked? It is 80% better than it was before (and I agree that before it really was worth complaining about). Now the only problem with it is that the 24 hour clock starts when you get your first star (rather than when you get your last star like before), when ideally it should simply start at the same time each day (that way you don't have to camp your phone waiting to get a star right after your clock runs out).

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    This is dumb. Should reset at midnight like every other daily challenge in every other game I play.

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    I just got my 5th star and my timer set to 18 hours 30 mins. So looks like we don't need to wait 24 hours between bonus now.

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    It's been changed...

    Only have 14 hours to go and I just collected my star bonus 2-3 hours ago.

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    I am usually not a believer in conspiracies but wondering if the developers did this on purpose and are now pissing themselves laughing at the drama it has caused.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yolksters17 View Post
    Theres no way you can get this short of every 26 hours. Thats assuming you do two attacks for 5 stars within the first 2 hours of your reset...

    Then it will roll over while you sleep...

    I can't see more than 1% of people getting more than 5 per week, maybe 6 for the elite of clashers
    totally aggree

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