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  1. No luck yet (Bump)

    No luck yet (Bump)
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    We are a UK only clan, 13 strong at the moment....

    We are a UK only clan, 13 strong at the moment. we war 2/3 times a week and allow red lights. we vary from lvl 70-130 but we are mostly lvl 90s and 100s. we have a pretty bad war record but we are...
  3. Level 5 uk only clan recruiting uk based players [brass clashers]

    Our clan is looking for more committed yet relaxed Clash of Clans players that are based within the UK. We are currently only 13 strong after returning from an unsuccessful stint with another clan....
  4. Do Clans that recruit only within their selected location actually exist?

    So I have been searching for a UK only clan for me and some friends to join for a fair ammount of time now. But i have noticed every clan seems to recruit members from all timezones regardless of the...
  5. Talk

    Thanks for the offers guys but we really are looking for UK only.
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    Clan talk

    Are you all based in the UK. I lead a clan of about ten all similar levels to those in your clan. We are looking to move elsewhere to liven the atmosphere up in clan chat. But we are looking for a UK...
  7. Looking for a UK only clan for me and the boys to join

    I currently lead a level 4 clan of about 10 solid players. We are all level 80 plus and live in the United Kingdom. I am looking for a small UK only clan for me and the boys to join. I feel like if...
  8. Bump

    clan tag is #PGQLY2PP
  9. | UK Based Clan Recruiting | Brass Clashers | Level 4 Clan |

    Brass Clashers is an entirely UK based clan recruiting level 60 plus clashers. We are a level 4 clan with an active core of UK based players mainly stationed in the south east of England. As of...
  10. Top bants with the cheeky nandos boys..

    Top bants with the cheeky nandos boys..
  11. Th9 Farming Base including Air Sweeper [Balloon Party]

    TH9 Farming Base design with Air Sweeper, Anti Balloon and Anti Hog
  12. Thanks for the feedback!

    Thanks for the feedback guys, sadly I currently don't have a laptop and so its going to be near impossible for me to make a step by step building guide. Since starting the thread I've used this base...
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    Check it out

    Check out my most recent thread, hope you like it
  14. TH9 Base Updated Including Air Sweeper (Trophy/War)

    How is my Base?

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    Thanks for the advice, I have since switched the...

    Thanks for the advice, I have since switched the archer and wizard towers as suggested. Its an obvious decision looking back at it now. However you would be supprised how well the small amount of...
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    Town Hall 9 Farming Base Idea (Rate My Base)

    Id like to share my base design i came up with about a month ago. I've been using it for a little while now, it seems to work really well for me. Hope you like it.

    Let me know what you think!...
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    [CoB Reborn] UK Based Clan Recruiting

    Join CoB Reborn (Clash of Brass)

    CoB Reborn is a UK based clan, with an active core of keen Clashers. Our clan is formed of ten or so University students that enjoy Clashing and having a laugh in...
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