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  1. Thread: Beans

    by guineapigfarm

    :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: YES! some may...

    YES! some may argue having another kind of bean overlaps too much with soy beans.... but I think it's a good idea to provide another kind of bean for more...
  2. some items not sized properly/out of proportion

    I am new to the forum, so this may have been pointed out before... but I couldn't find mention of it by searching threads.

    Now it is time for the airing of graphic design grievances;)

    It has...
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    :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: I am all for...


    I am all for GUINEA PIGS! They are great pets. You could have a couple different coat colors/patterns, like the different rabbits.

    (ferrets are ok).
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    please don't display town orders from other neighborhoods

    YES!, thank you HayDayBigfan for pointing this out. :thumbsup:
    For boats and trucks, you don't see the (!) help request if it's a NH request made by a different NH. .. the (!) is only activated...
  5. red circle notifications in tab for neighborhood panel (left-hand side of screen)

    I've noticed that the left-hand neighborhood information panel shows a red "alert" circle when you initiate certain actions... e.g. when you ask for help with a tree/bush, or make a trade request. ...
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    YES!! I hate buildings in "That One Corner". Or...

    YES!! I hate buildings in "That One Corner". Or trees/bushes in "That One Corner".
  7. [iOS] it took me a while to understand that a truck...

    it took me a while to understand that a truck order at another farm could not be filled when the truck was away. However, I also (intermittently) experience the problem where you can't fill an order...
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    [iOS] a similar thing happened to me.... by the timer,...

    a similar thing happened to me.... by the timer, my truck was still supposed to be broken down ... but when I checked back to explore the valley (and try to figure things out), the truck had moved. I...
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