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  1. [General] Master builder or the O.T.T.O still there on the base

    It was very logical that the battle machine is not there to defend our builder base as it is eaither upgrading or is in the battle but while upgrading any defence or trap on the builder base the...
  2. [General] Battle Machine Icon not changed after reaching lvl30

    The battle machine is run by the the master builder and the icon for the battle machine is the master builder sitting on the machine and controlling it but after upgrading the battle machine to lvl30...
  3. [Idea] Battle Machine Icon not changed after reaching lvl30

    After upgrading to lvl. 30 the battle machine is run by O.T.T.O but still the icon displayed is of master builder running the battle machine. Please update it.
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    [Android] Builder base glitch

    When i tried to swap air defence locations then instead of swapping it got stacked over other in the same location. They were of different levels i.e 6&7. I can provide the screen shots if needed.
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