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    [Android] once apond a time

    once i went onto hay day. Then i got like 16 diamonds from getting new fish and mined ores and mystery boxes. I knew this was my luckyest day. Then i logegd out to battle in clash of clans. I came...
  2. is there a way to copy someone's base just with one click of a button

    is there a way to copy someone's base with just one click of a button. Like a copy button in the clan wars where you can just copy it. A friend of mine suggested me to copy his base but that will...
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    Should i use All hogriders?

    Do you think all hogriders are good? I think they all be killed of by a motar but i can't me sure. Who has an answer. Also help me is it worth the dark elixar?
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    press the people button in bottom corner. then...

    press the people button in bottom corner. then clock the book. But u need the person's tag. Not name.
  5. are certain fishing rods better than others or not?

    i have fishing rods but is it worth it to make the other purple orange blue or whatever. Should i just make the Free ones? I also noticed the rare voucher made fishing rods take less time.
  6. Clash Of clans Should But ice Wizards back

    clash of clans should really but ice wizards back. They brought Clash OF Clans to a new level. If they are too OP at least Supercell should make them cost more elixar. Or make them a Dark Elixar...
  7. Do you think wizards are good for attack

    Do you think wizards are good for attack
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    Is this RIGHT?

    Every time i finish loading a crate for the boat i get some XP and Gold. When I send Off the boat I get about 350 Xp and 200 Wheel looking things. But I only Get 1 voucher. IS that right? Of is there...
  9. How DO i get RID OF a clash of clans clan mail?

    I dont know how to get rid of a clan mail. I wanna do it fast before someone reads it. Plz help me. Is there a way to delete clan mails?
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