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    Bad war bases and most are early th8's

    Most of these bases are really early th8's or the base isn't that good.
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    Lack of th 8 bases?

    as you could see there has been a limted amount of th 8 bases and most bases are th 9 and higher.
  3. oh oops

    Use drag-quake.

    I use 10 drags
    2 lighting
    1 poison
    1 rage/heal

    CC should be
    5 loons
    a max e quake.
  4. Easy go ho base.

    Use 2 golems one near the elixer and de that will trigger the gb. the other might be near the mortar and cannon use another golem for that and bring wb or goblins to trigger unwanted trap.
  5. Was my edit good?

    DId it work?
  6. oh ok thanks I also made a minor adjustment to my friends mega cube layout.

    Do you want to see it? I could take a screen shot and there has been many spots where people deploy there wb. and these mino adjustments had helped his base allot to.
  7. This base is horrible in my opinon.

    I lost 4,500 de in 2 days. Im a maxed th 8 that only needs some walls and my bk to lv 10. I constantly get wrecked by giants with wb or healer.
    Sorry for the black spots i dont want to get in...
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    No pic

    WHere is the picture?
  9. IS there any good hybrid bases in youtube? TH 8

    Iam currently looking for a th 8 base and it very difficult.
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    Here is my plan.
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    A th 8 with nearly maxed troops except my hogs which is lv 3.

    BUt hogs are ok right? I 2 stared many th 9 with lv 3 hogs.
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    How to 3 star this th 8 base?
  13. How to 3 star this th 9 base reply asap war in 6 hrs.
    this one
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    I did but no one responded to it. PLus this is a new acc I forgot my pw.

    I lost my email and cant get a pw so I made a new one.
  15. Not so good againts wall breakers. and with giant healer

    WHen there attacker uses wb this base gets wrecked by gaint healer even by a th 8 and more wb can be used to steal the de. I lost 2000 de to thhis base. And Iam a max th 8 that only needs the king....
  16. Nerf giant healer combo! ANd MAke them take 1,5 dmg from air bombs

    The giant healer combo is so annoying when I am farming for de. MY base is maxed out and I hate it when they reach the core and the wiz destroy all my ad. All of my ad is in the middle and this combo...
  17. WHat does ur base look like?

    I would recommend to upgrade teslas bery good aggaitns pekkas
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    Can I see ur base design and I recommend going to silver or crystal. I find allot of elixer in silver and good amonts of de in crystal
  19. Is there any good th 8 bases? I can't find any bases and there is hardly any for th 8

    I tested most of them from youtube and thew were not so good. Im in gold 3 and a nearly maxed th 8 just need some troops and teslas.
  20. How is my base and any good hyrbid bases? That protect elixer and de.


    Is there anyother bases that is good as this or any better. And for higher th can you make adjustments too plz?
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    Visit my redisign plz.

    I made a similar one to this but it was changed alot and the air swepper is also incuded too.
  22. AN edited version of golen planet. And I could you make a file sizes bigger?

    Here is my edited version of the golden planet.
    Can anyone please leave a comment
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