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  1. Over 8,900,000 Coins Awarded to Our Top Derby Player

    We have room for 3 new players. :heart::heart::heart:
  2. Kik was not Monetized -- End was Inevitable

    Kik was a great app, but let's face it, since they had no revenue streams it was bound to go bankrupt eventually. It wasn't fee-based or ad-based.

    Kik decided to get sneaky and created Kin --...
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    Don't Worry

    Puzzle pieces are obtainable through mystery boxes, treasure chests, special boat shipments with a puzzle logo on the dock, wheel of fortune, and derbies. That's it. (Oh, and by redeeming tokens in...
  4. [Android] Follow up: I can run Boom Beach on the tablet...

    Follow up: I can run Boom Beach on the tablet just fine. It's Hay Day that's been having the problem, and it's only been unable to load over the past 2 days. It was fine earlier in the week.
  5. [Android] Hay Day not loading on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

    I have not been able to load Hay Day on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 on 2 or 3 Aug 2019. My wife has the same issue. It loads fine on my smartphone, but not the tablets. We've been playing Hay Day on...
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    What Else To Do with All of Those Coins, Vouchers, and Diamonds?

    For those attempting to complete the Style Book (or the Collection Book), they are at a point in the game where Coins, Vouchers, and Diamonds become worthless, so it gives them something to do. ...
  7. Going on 4 Years

    We've been awarding coins in our neighborhood since November 2015. It adds up!
  8. We Might Have Been Full

    I'm not sure why someone would have rejected you. Perhaps someone notified us that a player was returning and we only had 1 vacancy remaining. Give us a try today. :-)
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    2 Simultaneous Fishing Weight Boosters?

    Has anyone tried to activate 2 Fishing Weight Boosters at the same time?

    If so, did you notice any improvement over simply activating a single booster? Would activating a 40% booster and a 30%...
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    More censored words when used in a sentence: ...

    More censored words when used in a sentence:

    put & puts (lower case)

    boat - fixed (Thanks Nick)
    too - fixed (Thanks Nick)
    bang - fixed (Thanks Nick)
    to do - fixed (Thanks Nick)
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