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  1. READ THIS!!! #202QJ9YYU | Gone With The W | Looking for th7+

    We are a new war clan and we're currently looking for th7+ that know how to attack and take war seriously and are also active. NO RUSHED BASES BUT WE WILL TAKE ENGINEERED BASES. If you fit these...
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    (need help immediately)

    I have a clan I used to run and I was leader. And I was trying to kick some guy but accidentally gave him leader. And now he's kicking everyone. Is there anything I can do to get leader back? I've...
  3. Wizards Reign NEW CLAN, AWESOME LOG. NEED TH7+

    Hey my name is Ghost and I run a clan named Wizards Reign or clan tag #CLGQJGGJ. We are a level 2 clan with a 7-2-0 log. We have good people but I want more people because my clan is sort of active...
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    Wizards Reign

    Hi! My name is Ghost and I made a clan recently and I only have 7 people in my clan. But I need 6 for war. If anyone would like to join, it would be much appreciated. We like to go into wars and...
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    New clan need members badly

    Hey my name is Ghost and I recently made a clan and we only have like 9 or 10 people. I would like to have more that that and become a higher level clan. If you would be interested in joining us,...
  6. Thread: New Clan

    by AbdulTasneemK

    New Clan

    Hey my name is Ghost and I'm a th8.5. I just made a clan with my friend and we are looking for members to join. If you want to join, you must be at least a th7. Also looking for members that clan...
  7. Need help knowing what an engineered clan is and what is does.

    I don't know what an engineered clan is. I need to know the pros and cons.
  8. Well it's kinda hard to get a 1 star on a th10...

    Well it's kinda hard to get a 1 star on a th10 (depending on the base layout). But you can try using wiz to clean up the trash buildings all around the base. That will get you some percentage. Then...
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    My favorite army is GoVaHo. It's easy for me and...

    My favorite army is GoVaHo. It's easy for me and I can really wreck some ppl.
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