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  1. Alpha Squad - recruiting - are you a war fanatic?

    Join Alpha Squad! #U988VYPL

    2 questions

    You love war?

    You an elite player?

    if so come join up today
  2. Laid back active clan looking for strong th 7+ players

    Alpha Squad (U988VYPL)
    high level troops
    war back to back
    highly active
    100% war record
  3. Alpha Sqaud (u988vypL) adult war clan looking for town hall 7+

    Request with age and tell us how you found the clan
  4. Alpha Squad (#988vypL) we are looking for. Active. Adults who want to war

    We donate high level troops
    war b2b
    English speaking
  5. Alpha Sqaud #u988vypL join with out request

    We war all the time and have never lost
  6. You can join

    You can join
  7. Alpha Sqaud (#U988VYPL) - active adult clan looking for potential new members th7+

    We are an active adult clan who war back to back!

    We donatw jigh high level troops

    UK clan - must speak English
  8. Replies

    Join Alpha Sqaud

    Hey guys and girls,

    please may you join the clan Alpha Squad (filters - UK, 1000 trophies to join, b2b wars)

    any help would be appreciated thanks anyway

    clan leader Sam.R.W
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