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  1. [Android] Help! Fish and chips task is not working correctly

    Any idea what I can do other than just lose the task? It's not giving me credit for the chips and fish i've harvested from my machine. :(
  2. [Android] same task over and over on mystery derby without selecting new task!

    HELP! I will get done with the task and it will automatically reload for my next task. It would be okay if it wasn't a super long task. I might not get done with my tasks because of time. Anyone else...
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    Expired tasks as soon as I take them... Bad lag between farms.

    Very frustrated that I take a task and it's already expired! Help!
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    [Android] Completed tasks not given credit

    I have screen shots of my tasks and the ones I've completed. It says I've completed 5 tasks in which I have but I've only received points for 4 tasks.
  5. [Android] Not able to get all 9 prizes even though we all did 10 tasks

    I took screenshots of the issue but not sure how to share it. We have 3 people playing in the champions league derby and it takes 10000 points to get the 9th prize. We've all done 10 tasks at 320...
  6. Bump bump bump

    Bump bump bump
  7. Bump bump bump

    Bump bump bump
  8. 3 simple rules! It's not a dictatorship! It's your farm! It's a game that we love to

    Holly 'n Pollys Place
    English speaking
    Champions league

    3 simple rules

    1. We're a very HELPFUL group. Please don't take advantage of our generous farmers. Give more than you take...
  9. We're looking for a new home. We're a group of 6...

    We're looking for a new home. We're a group of 6 strong players. We have one that is below your requirement but he's very good and very helpful. Would you be interested in taking us on and trying us...
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    Thanks! I've updated it!

    Thanks! I've updated it!
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    Looking for serious Derby players..

    We're a group looking for a new home English speaking. We want to join an active group that chats and supports each other and completes all derby tasks. We normally do 9 -10 tasks 305+ or 363+ on...
  12. We would love to merge with another small neighborhood or new people to join

    Holly 'n Pollys Place

    We have a great group of individuals that participate weekly in derby and go above and beyond to help each other. You don't have to participate in derby to join our group but...
  13. [Android] White Sugar not showing up in barn. Not sure if that's the only thing

    I needed to sell someone in my neighborhood white sugar last night and its not showing up in my barn even though I know I have plenty. I have a screen shot of how many I have and my barn but they...
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    Blue hat task

    Somebody needs to fix the amount of time you have to complete the task. You have to make 25 hats. Each hat takes 51 minutes to make and you have an 1 day and 2 hours to complete it! How am I supposed...
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    Champions league disagreement need help

    Okay we have a disagreement within our neighborhood. We get slaughtered every time we make it to the championship league. All the other Derby levels we maintain 1st-3rd place. I've read that trashing...
  16. Holly 'n Polly's place looking for new people

    We have a great group in our neighborhood right now and are looking to add a few more members. English is our language but we are from all over and have become great friends! If you can't participate...
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    We're a smaller group looking to add good fun people

    We have a really good group right now and want to add a few more. Come check us out. Holly n Polly's is the name of our neighborhood.
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    Still confused.

    So the leaderboard is not the 1-15 other derby teams we are competing against. It's the world wide leaderboard?
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    Derby help champions league

    Do the amount of trashed tasks count against us? If so how are all the other teams way ahead? There's no way they aren't trashing tasks. Or I'm I confused can you trash them and just go for big...
  20. [Android] Just hired Tom and wasn't playing the game

    How is it possible to hire Tom and not be playing the game??? It took 15 diamonds also. My phone went off and said Tom is ready for a new errand. I opened the game and there he is waiting, time is...
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    [Android] Crashing after upgrade

    Mine is also and I'm using a Android 4.4.4
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    A blacksmith shop

    You have to collect special ore from the mine and chop down a tree to build axes and saws.
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