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  1. Check PM please

    Check PM please
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    Inter-clan polling system

    Hi All (hopefully supercell as well)

    Just wanted to back up the idea of a polling system that can be created by co-leaders /leader for the whole clan to vote on certain things.

    Would help...
  3. Lv11 clan looking for members to help to rebuild a once great clan

    Hi all,

    The Trunckanauts was once a prosperous and well-structured clan with many solid and active members. However due to a long period of inactivity from many people, it has become a bang...
  4. Lv174 TH11 and smaller TH8 account both active players looking for (good) clan

    Hi all,

    We are two very active players looking for an equally active clan which does active wars, hits top in clan games and has an active donation cycle. Also it would be nice if it were a lv10+...
  5. Anyone want to help me create a TH7 only clan?

    Hi all,
    I'm sure we all know the legendary clan that is Savage Seven and all thought it would be great to be in a clan like that.
    Well I am currently going from th6 ---> th7 (3d 7hrs remaining on...
  6. TH10, TH10 & new TH7 looking for a UK war clan

    Hi all,
    We are three active players all looking to join the same clan.
    This clan must be on GMT or just around that time and speaking English
    We would like a clan that does 24/7 wars and win more...
  7. TH10 (lv131) & TH6 (lv44) looking for solid clan

    We are two UK based players looking for an active clan with 2 wars a week+ that both the th10 and th6 can participate in.
    Max clan games rewards ( we both get 4k points every time)
    Active chat with...
  8. 3 skilled players (2x th10's & 1x th5) looking for wars + clan game completers

    Hi all, here's something a bit different:

    We recently left a clan that was disbanded by the leader and the three of us are keen to join another clan together.

    We are all very active, skilled...
  9. Skilled 2nd account looking for a TH5-6 CLAN

    Hello all,
    I created a 2nd account about a week and a bit ago and I am looking for a clan with people like me.

    I am a skilled player with 5 years of clash experience (was playing before the...
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