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    Ability to reset town building upgrades

    The way the current town buildings upgrade system works seems to be unforgiving, especially for newer players.

    Let's say I upgraded my B&B to earn 25% more coins but after reading suggestions...
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    Sticky: Frequent player looking for active friends Add...

    Frequent player looking for active friends
    Add me \(^o^)/


  3. Losing 5 minutes of gameplay because the connection is lost

    This has been happening to me more frequently now. I open the game, do a bunch of stuff and then I get an error connection lost screen. Thatís not a problem because my internet isnít that great. But...
  4. How lenient are SuperCell with refunding expansion purchases?

    I got enough expansion tools after trading with a neighbor and in my haste I upgraded my farm land instead of fishing spot. It wasn't a "mistake" and I didn't spend any diamonds on it so does anyone...
  5. That's great news. They're probably testing it...

    That's great news. They're probably testing it out and making sure they worked out all the bugs before adding it to HD. I sure hope it's soon though!
  6. Change the way tags work. Or add the ability to copy/paste #tags in game (iOS)

    I'm not sure how it is with the Android app but on iOS when I try to add someone using their tag I can't just copy/paste it, I have to type their tag manually. That would be fine if the tags were...
  7. Sleepy farmer looking for a friendly casual neighborhood

    Hello, like the title says I'm looking for a new neighborhood that I can join. I've been playing this game for a few months now and while it's fun I think I'd enjoy it more if I had some people to...
  8. Allow us to save our farm to our Supercell account

    Currently the only way for to play on multiple devices is to connect it to a Facebook account. I couldn't move my current farm from my iPhone to an Android device. I tried that several times and even...
  9. Finding crops and common items in the newspaper is annoying.

    I havenít been playing this game for too long but one thing I noticed is that finding crops and common items like wool milk etc in the newspaper is a very frustrating process.

    Iíve been looking...
  10. Well this is embarrassing. I never noticed it...

    Well this is embarrassing. I never noticed it till I read your comment 😒😅

    Thanks for your reply and it should certainly help me collect. 👍🏼
  11. Improve visual appearance of collection equipment (milk bucket etc)

    Sometimes other objects (buildings, trees etc) can cover up part of the cow pasture, pig pen and this makes it hard to tell at a glance if there are any more animals that need to be collected or not...
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