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  1. Come join our derby focused team, new zealand tag#9cu2u0y

    Hi, come join our friendly derby focused team, we are looking for derby players who love to help and have fun and wont leave half way through derby when opted in, 310 points required but higher...
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    Hi we are a fun derby focas team, looking for...

    Hi we are a fun derby focas team, looking for team players, our name is new zealand tag#9cu2u0y, if the higher level people join we can lower the required level for the 3rd person, come join us
  3. Unwanted people coming back under a different name

    Hi, in our neighborhood we have had at least two people get kicked out and later returning with a new name. These people like to opt in to derby and not do it and also speak rudely. Our latest one a...
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    Avoiding bad players

    Hi just wondering if there could be any way of knowing why someone has left a neighbourhood before and how they do in derbies before letting them join. Im sick of people opting opting into our...
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    Have they been in our neighborhood before

    We would like to know if someone who is requesting to join has been in our neighborhood before and if so did they just leave or were they kicked out. We have someone who we have kicked out before and...
  6. derby players, neighborhood name new zealand #9cu2uoy the o could be letter or number

    Hi we are a friendly neighbourhood who likes to do well in derby. We are looking for keen derby players who love to help, we do tasks over 300 or 320 or when they go up to 400. Not interested in...
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