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  1. End Clan Wars Early by Mutual Agreement

    Not too often, but enough times that it's annoying, we end up waiting for hours for a clan war to end when both clans have used up all of their useful attacks.
    My suggestion is for a clan to be able...
  2. Builder Base Versus Battle Optional Results Reveal

    Nothing is more frustrating to me in the builder base battles than finishing my attack and watching the end of my opponent's attack and seeing a last archer or minion peck away at a big building or...
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    [iOS] Siege Machine Toggle Stuck

    After toggling my donated siege machine off for a raid using the green toggle on the siege machine icon at the start of the raid, I was unable to later toggle it back on for a war attack (I did not...
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    Clan war handshake

    This is a little esoteric, but it occurred to me that there is a huge missed opportunity for a cultural exchange or global goodwill in clan wars. Every day people from across the world are coming...
  5. That's a good point. Any re-dos of war attacks...

    That's a good point. Any re-dos of war attacks should not be allowed until the war has ended. I think that would solve the problem.
  6. Spend gems to re-do an attack for practice only

    I often curse myself for messing up an attack and would love the chance to try it again, even if it didn't change anything tangible.
    I propose that players be allowed to spend a small amount of gems...
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