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  1. Optional Update v13.180.6/7 - Quick Donate Menu & Crash Fixes

    I'm just an invisible quote.
  2. oh em gee :caticon:

    oh em gee :caticon:
  3. Maintenance 28/02 - Spring Trap, Bomb Tower, Cannon Re-Balance

    Hello again!

    We’ll be having a (hopefully) short maintenance break to push the balancing changes announced yesterday to live:

    Spring Trap

    Radius increased from 0.7 to 0.8 tiles

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    What's in a mini balance?


    The maintenance break is now in progress and these balancing changes will take effect shortly:

    Spring Trap

    Radius increased from 0.7 to 0.8 tiles

    Bomb Tower
  5. Maintenance 16/01 - Balance Changes, Reduced Titan Leagues Guard times


    We're going to maintenance break pretty soon to deploy the balance changes Darian posted about yesterday:

    Additionally, we will cut the Village Guard time in Titan leagues so it's...
  6. ALSO! We will fix one visual bug related to...


    We will fix one visual bug related to the Hidden Tesla during attack/defense. Teslas level 11 were showing as level 10 on defense for instance - rest assured this is only a visual bug, the...
  7. Maintenance (19/12) - Missing Holiday Trader Freebies

    Hello again, Chiefs!

    As you may know, unfortunately some players were not getting their Free Magic Items in the Trader's Holiday Special. Luckily we just managed to find the source of this bug and...
  8. Optional Update v13.0.20/21 - Moar Bug Fixes!

    Hey Chiefs!

    We had a maintenance break earlier today to prepare for an optional update, currently rolling out to the app stores. Fixes included:

    Fixed activation of layout with stashed...
  9. Optional Update v13.0.9/13 (12/12) - More Bug Fixes!

    Hello again! :smirk:

    We also have an optional update available now in the app stores, that includes the following:

    Fixed a couple bugs when switching between layouts (could manifest as...
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    RE: Ice Wizard, for clarification, previously all...

    RE: Ice Wizard, for clarification, previously all values were very very low because the flag for enabling TH-based scaling was accidentally enabled for it.

    DPS of the Ice Wizard is now increased...
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    Maintenance 12/12 - Fixes!

    Hey Chiefs!

    Maintenance break inbound! See the list of fixes below:

    We will do the "scrambling" of layouts for players with Defensive Buildings still on the outer edges of the Village;
  12. Maintenance 09/12 - Fixing Stackable/Swappable Buildings

    Hey Chiefs!

    We hope you are enjoying the Town Hall 13 update!

    As you may have noticed, there's currently a bug in the game that allows players to stack decorations and buildings, as well as...
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    WOOOOOO!!!!! :caticon:

    WOOOOOO!!!!! :caticon:
  14. Maintenance 26/11 - Winter Jam'ming

    Hey hey!

    We'll go into maintenance break soon! Why? Find out after the maintenance break! :smirk:

    Back as soon as possible!
  15. Optional Update (05/11) - Supercell ID Fast Switch & More!

    Hey hey hey!

    We have released an optional update to the app stores - version 11.866.12. This optional includes:

    Supercell ID UI change in Settings;
    Fast switch button for Players with...
  16. Maintenance 31/10 - Fixes and Changes

    Hey Chiefs!

    Clash will be going into maintenance break shortly. In this maintenance we will deploy the following changes and fixes:

    New Attack AI logic back in place (you might remember...
  17. Optional Update (22/10) - v11.866.6

    Hey Chiefs!

    We've just released an optional update to the app stores which includes the following:

    Quick Train saved armies now trains troops and spells in the order you add them while...
  18. Hello! Adding a change that slipped through...


    Adding a change that slipped through the Release Notes:

    Players who get a Legend League defense against them that scores 0 stars don't lose trophies anymore. The player who attacks...
  19. Maintenance 17/10 - October Update Fixes and Changes

    Hey Chiefs!

    We will have a server maintenance soon to do some fixes and changes:

    Players who are in Clans will be by default opted out from being available for recruitment. After the...
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    [Fire OS] New update should now be available on Amazon...

    New update should now be available on Amazon store as well! Sorry for the delay, let us know if you're still running into any issues!
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    [General] The team is looking into it as we speak! Thanks...

    The team is looking into it as we speak! Thanks for the report! 💪😺🤘
  22. Maintenance 11/09 - September Balance Changes

    Hello hello!

    New balance announced earlier in the week will go live today in a maintenance break!
  23. Hello! Sorry to hear about these disconnection...

    Hello! Sorry to hear about these disconnection issues yiantony - could you let us know on which devices this is happening? Model and operative system etc as well? Thanks in advance!
  24. Maintenance 26/06 - Bug Fix Wednesday!

    Hello again!

    We will have another maintenance break today to do our usual server upkeep, but also to release a couple of bug fixes, as follows:

    • Minor tweaks to Legend League matchmaking
  25. Maintenance 20/06 - June Update Bug Fixing

    Hello, and happy Thursday!

    We will have a maintenance break in Clash to release a few fixes, namely:

    Fix for players who were being given too long Village Guard and Personal Break timers...
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