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  1. Number #1 Town Hall 12 Base Layout - Top 20 clan in the world - Enjoy!

    Enjoy! Copy Link in description
  2. Mass Hogs attack to 3 STAR any TH12 | Hebrew Hammer™ Top clan in the world
  3. Classic TH12 Farming base | PROTECT YOUR LOOT in Titan\Legend | Hebrew Hammer™

    Enjoy Clashers!
  4. Massive Ice Golem Attack + 8 Witches + 16 Bowlers | TH12 3 Stars Attack | Top Clan

    New Video! Massive Ice golems attack strategy Top clan in the world!
  5. They can't handle this base - Builder Hall 8 anti 2 stars
  6. Top 20 Clan In The World | This is how we 3 STARS Th12 | 3 Replays | Champ 1 in CWL
  7. Titan league Base - can use for Farming | Top 20 clan in the world.

    Enjoy, copy link in comments.

    I am designing bases for my clan (Top 20 global) and for fun.
    sharing attacks as well in the future.
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    [Town Hall 11] try it out,...

    try it out, making another one that counter more the Electro dragons, put the inferno on single.
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    362 Enjoy

  10. Town Hall 11 Trophy\Farming\War | with copy link and Replays!

  11. Builder Hall 8 - I am in top #20 clan - sharing with you our base layouts | Copy Link

  12. TH9 helped me a lot for Trophy\Farm, Best town hall 9 out there!

    This base served me well.
  13. Sharing with you our best Base Layouts - Hebrew Hammer Top #20 Clan Global

    Include Copy Link.
  14. TOP 30 Clan Worldwide - Builder Base 8 For you - We start uploading more for you now

    Can't reveal the clan name for now, we want to stay unknown and participating in wars.

    Made builder hall 8 for you, share it and enjoy!

    if you liked it and it helped you, support us by...
  15. The best Town Hall 9 You can find - Made it for you - Enjoy

    If the base helped you, share it with your friends and don't forget to subscribe for more vids of COC.
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    3,970 enjoy!

  17. TOP 30 Clan WorldWide - Currently making Base Designs for YOU !

    Hey all !
    So we are currently top 30 Clan in the world, I am the base designer for the clan and want to share with you my knowledge.
    We can not reveal the clan name for now.
    I will share with you...
  18. Hi, I make base layout, currently in clan top 30...

    Hi, I make base layout, currently in clan top 30 globally. For th12
    In the channel I got for th10 as well.
    Copy layout links will be in the next videos.
    Enjoy and...
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