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  1. It's richard

    hey man I left to go hang with my little cousins in their clan and I can't request to join back again, i didn't notice that we became a closed clan. invite me back please, thank god you posted this
  2. applying to clan

    hey I've talked to few members in this clan and I am going to apply to the proving grounds clan. I have lvl 5 archers and read the rules and regs, my name in game is richard
  3. Tip: have more people check out your post

    Hey guys I've been looking for a war/farming clan but all of your posts just have what your clan name is, you should put what type of clan you are in the topic to make it easier for us. If you're a...
  4. th8 looking for a warring/farming clan

    Hey guys i'm in a townhall 8 looking for a farming/warring clan. here's a screenshot of my base
    I have all my tier 1 troops to lvl 5 and some tier 2 to level 5 as well, also my healers are at...
  5. stuff

    so I've been hanging in gold 2 and gold 3 I usually start at 1650ish trophies and then start farming and find decent bases, sometimes it takes a few minutes but you find them, then when i'm in the...
  6. Replies

    I'd like to join your clan

    Hey your clan sounds good, I like the clan i'm in and i'm a co. Love the clan i'm in now and i'm a co but the leader only lets us war once a week and doesn't listen to advice. I'm a town hall lvl...
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