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    I have been playing hd for many years now. Have...

    I have been playing hd for many years now. Have gone through the inception of the derby and its many many changes. Have removed many many players through neighborhoods because of the derby. Started a...
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    Farmers pit stop neighborhood....

    Hi Farmers,

    Farmers Pit Stop is Looking for new farms to join our neighborhood.

    We broke off from another neighborhood about a year ago where members couldn't decide if they wanted to do the...
  3. List of derby tasks and what's needed to complete task

    Awhile back a NH posted a list of all the derby tasks and what each task required. I have been looking through the forum and cannot locate. Does anyone know where that may be posted please?
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    Farmers pit stop

    Farmers Pit Stop is looking for new players who want to play the game. Is the derby required? No. We will help you build your farm up to be a derby player.

    we broke off from a neighborhood who had...
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    We r an active NH who have recently lost a couple...

    We r an active NH who have recently lost a couple who needed more time away, and a couple who took on new jobs and had time issues.

    we don't require a farm to be in derby but would need to opt...
  6. Haydays big birthday is a bad... All the hype...

    Haydays big birthday is a bad... All the hype about rewards, nets, higher tasks and nothing absolutely nothing. Their nets at 5 diamonds each gave me Hutchen, red horse, and salmon
  7. Magpies are looking for additional farms...

    Magpies is a strong helping neighborhood. Lots of teamwork and looking for farms who want to play the game but not necessarily the derby.

    We are here to help you grow and become a championship...
  8. Looking for a great new neighborhood? Look no just found it

    Looking for new players on Hayday. A well balanced hood with player levels ranging from 18-84. Friendly, very helpful, English speaking. Committed to the game and some have played for two years....
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