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  1. Clash for clash #20LLRYJRU |clan level 10| Max clan games- Active war clan

    We are active war clan, max clan games every time, b2b wars and CWL.
    We also have spots available in CWL for TH10 and up
  2. Able to Quick train troops what you just donated

    I suggest There should be a button available just like, quick train last used army, to quick train the troops and spells you just donated.
  3. BB walls should also be upgradable using elixir

    For those who donít like rushing BB and want to max out before going to next level itíd be very helpful
  4. War bases should be only visible to war participants and not all clan members.

    Sometimes your opponent clan sends a high level player who you canít deny access, because you always need a high level player in clan, to spy on you, which is a huge disadvantage.
    I suggest war...
  5. We need Pakistanís Flag 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

    Please bring 🇵🇰 in the game, there are millions of pakistani players who want this.
  6. War bases should be visible only to war participants

    I have a low level clan but we play clan wars all the time, and most of the time a spy gets into our clan and ruin the war for us.
    Please make a change to the game so the war bases be only...
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