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  1. THE HOUND - My solution for anti-hog/anti-giant layouts for town hall 9

    Hi guys,
    here's a th9 base layout that I came up with to defend against giants and hogs. I decided to design my own base after relentlessly searching for layouts online but failing to find a good...
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    Option to save village layouts

    I alternate between a couple of layouts which have different purposes. For example; when i was upgrading BKing the only thing i wanted to protect was Dark elixir, sometimes i have everything and just...
  3. Do you think I can find a clan that will donate to me but won't expect much from me?

    I may have sounded selfish from the title but let me explain. this is a little long, but please bare with me cuz I need this answer.

    My last clan was a really good one, they donated anything you...
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    My hybrid layout for th5

    Hi everyone, I recently designed a hybrid layout for th level 5 (which looks pretty awesome to me :cool:).
    I would appreciate it if you leave your comments about it below or on the youtube link....
  5. I am sorry, but i dont know what town hall...

    I am sorry, but i dont know what town hall sniping is. But i am assuming it is what i am doing (attacking only town halls that are placed outside the walls).
    I am already maxing towards th6. I...
  6. Although my th is level 5 my troops are maxed for...

    Although my th is level 5 my troops are maxed for my level. (Even my lightning is level 4) and my th will finish upgrading soon. What are my chances considering that? Because i have seen that most...
  7. Getting to master league with town hall level 5

    Hi everyone, i am new here (and to clash of clans). Please help me by answering my question. I really dont like to spend money on games unless it is absolutely necessary. But i figured that having...
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