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  1. I got denied

    Reply: I forgot to mention you sent me and I got denied. Player tag is #UQ2PQCUY, feel free to add
  2. Th10 and maxed Th9 need a home (2 people)

    Me (a relatively new th10) and my friend (a maxed th9) are looking for a Hugh level active war clan, we donate a lot and look forward to finding a clan!
  3. New TH10 maxed TH9 looking for clan

    Iím working on maxing my TH10 currently and being involved in a great clan would be appreciated! Player tag is UQ2PQCUY
  4. Replies

    New clan: Legion of Scorn.

    Looking for non-rushed bases at least th9. Be prepared to donate a lot and war constantly. Be very active. Legion of Scorn is our name, feel free to search because we are the only oneís.
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