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    Sticky: Feature Request: Expose war timer on player...

    Feature Request:
    Expose war timer on player profile through API. (i.e. time until player can participate in another war).

    In the Member list that is retrieved, could you send the epic time?...
  2. Correction

    Archer queen went to attack Enemy army camp as if, the Enemy Archer Tower was not there!
  3. More clarification

    Few more details.

    2) Valkyrie Bug.
    What i observed was a 1 on 1 Archer vs Valkyrie full health each battle. It was fought in open and Valkyrie was spinning around several times until the Lone...
  4. Multiple Bugs in HERO update (Barb King, Archer Queen and Valkyrie bug)

    1. If Barb King was being attacked by archers and he goes inside wall. The archers will start attacking the wall to get to Barb King. And if Barb King comes back to attack archers, the archers will...
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