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  1. Still open

    Got about 8 open spots left in our clan - if anyone wants to settle down in a clan with a long term exciting CWL potential and fun wars, clan games and a great bunch of people then visit us.

  2. Open for TH10-12!

    Hello All,

    quick update for those who are looking for an adult war clan:

    - We finished 4th in CWL in Master 1 with 243 stars and a 4-3 record. Had a couple of close calls, but it was our first...
  3. Looking for players for a Master league I CWL clan!

    We got promoted to M1 in CWL following a solid season yet again and we are looking to add mainly TH12 players to our team to create a competitive team for this level of challenge. TH10-11 players are...
  4. Clan games completed

    As forecasted we finished the final tier for clan games yesterday.

    We still have a few open spots, give us a visit if you prefer to join a successful clan!
  5. Clan games maxed tonight!

    We are 1800 points shy of max points in clan games - not bad in the summer vacation season.

    If you are looking for a clan with exciting wars both in regular spins & CWL and max clan games rewards...
  6. Still open

    Hi Everyone!

    We still have space for war loving ADULT players - we will let you have a private life and will not blame and shame you for a failed attack but you can get a competitive team with a...
  7. We are still open and look for players who want a...

    We are still open and look for players who want a long term home with a solid player core on TH10-12.
  8. TH12 skill teaser
  9. Still a few open spots remaining

    If you look for a large adult clan full of TH10-12 players with a good war log, rich history, max clan games then look no further!
  10. Only 6 open spots remaining

    We have seen good interest in our clan lately and it appears we're getting new TH11-12 players with very well developed accounts. If you want you can still join us and be part of bigger wars as we...
  11. Still open

    After a really solid CWL season we're up for regular wars again where we still look for TH11-12 players to join - we can take multiple accounts even right now we've got some room in the clan.

  12. Still open!

    Now that CWL is soon over it is time for regular wars again - if you look for a solid team with a ton of adult TH11-12 players then join us and be part of exciting wars for end game players!
  13. Day 5 - 185 stars

    We are absolutely owning our group this season - unfortunately our opponents are almost all TH12 only - we have 185 stars so far with the 2nd clan only at 157.

    If you look for a solid high level...
  14. Cwl: 1-0

    We are into the new CWL season and we are leading our league (screenshots will follow). The wars in M2 are currently all TH12 on the opposing side while we do bring 1-2 TH12s (except today) as we...
  15. Still looking for TH11-12 players

    Looking for an adult war clan?

    We accept th11-12 applicants who are interested in wars and like to get max clan game rewards. No stress but still a place where we play to win wars!
  16. Clan games tier 5 complete / 3 war win streak on

    We may extend that streak to 4 but with a fat hour to go from our current war I would prefer to write about that tomorrow.

    In the clan games we'll probably finish the final tier tomorrow, today we...
  17. 10+ open spots

    We are still open and look for war loving chilled but competitive adult players with TH11-12 accounts.
  18. 10+ open spots

    Here is the state of our log just to prove what we can do, how many stars we get and what is the level of our average destruction. We're not legendary but we're pretty good for a non-hardcore team...
  19. War win # 416 tonight!

    We have eliminated our opponent in war with an hour left until finish and this will give us win # 416!

    If you look for a clan with a long standing history that can still win in wars today and has...
  20. 10+ open spots

    Hi All,

    we're starting war day - give us a visit to check out all the action and get to know the team!

    We're looking for TH11-12 adult players who like wars and a chilled clan environment!
  21. 10+ open spots

    We are still looking for th11-12 players who want to do clan and league wars in a chilled but still competitive environment. We are all adults - we would not like to beg people to use their attacks...
  22. Still open!

    We got one solid new player last night and we are still looking for more - we offer back to back wars where working class dads can sit out if busy or do as much damage as they want if the things of...
  23. Still open!

    Our May CWL season was fun: 279 stars, 8500 destruction, zero missed attacks. This is slightly below our best ever and unfortunately it was 2 stars shy of earning first spot in our goup. We will stay...
  24. CWL : 1-0 after day 1

    We are on day 2 of the season with the first win already in our pocket, leading the group. While it is too early to say anything about how the season will close we feel confident about our chances...
  25. Looking for TH11-12 players for the upcoming CWL season and beyond!

    If you join us now you get to play in our next league season in M3 league which is a quite competitive environment for TH11-12 players. We have a 48 hour war cooldown for new members so if you join...
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