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  1. {RECRUITING} Clanning it Up - #9 R Q L 8 P L V

    🐚🐚Clanning it Up 🐚🐚
    【#9 R Q L 8 P L V】

    __You should be:__
    👉 TH10+, non-rushed
    👉 Farmers, warriors, and/or pushers
    👉 Familiar with 3-star strategy
    👉 Willing to...
  2. :thumbsup: Solid suggestion

    :thumbsup: Solid suggestion
  3. Quality of Life-Moving Clan War League to 2nd week of each month

    Thought was presented for between multiple clan members that might really benefit the overall flow of the game. Clan war league and the bonuses from the season pass have coincided so that hero...
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