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    Has anyone been banned before?

    Has anyone here been banned before? If so, please tell me what you did and how long you got banned. People will not get taunted for how they got banned. I am very interested in what you have to say....
  2. What is your favorite troop in Clash of Clans?

    I'm curious to see what your favorite clash of clans troop is. My personal favorite is the baby dragon, only taking up 10 spaces, having a rage mechanic, and having great health and damage. It is...
  3. I think th10's look is really cool.

    I think th10's look is really cool.
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    Poll: Is Clan Wars Worth It?

    My clan is a lv12 clan that goes to war a whole lot. Is it worth it to go to war, or is it better not to join? Do you guys keep your war sign on or off?:confused::confused::confused: If you liked...
  5. Sticky: Very nice guide. Thx.

    Very nice guide. Thx.
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