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  1. I would totally spend gems on more army Quick Train slots.

    Saving armies for Quick Train was one of the most useful additions to the game in the last 4 years.

    But only three armies? More is better.


  2. ADULT CLASHERS looking for…*dramatic pause* ADULTS!

    Adult Clashers (#299UULPC) Is an active, LEVEL 18 clan, looking for mature war players with Town Hall 10 and up!

    Our clan is VERY active. Clan Castle requests get filled quick and there’s...
  3. I agree clouds are also a problem linked to the...

    I agree clouds are also a problem linked to the absurd Shield & Guard times, especially at higher leagues.

    I do notice that my base sits for 5 minutes before it gets "reshuffled" back into the...
  4. Suggestion - Seek Revenge with help from a new building: "The Den of Spais!"

    New Building:

    The Den of Spais (Pronounced like “Spies”) - The Guild of Spais offers their assistance in seeking revenge on your enemies!

    The Den of Spais appears as a 2x2 building similar...
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    The next CWL should happen sooner than 1 month.

    This initial roll-out of clan war leagues was poorly executed.

    The timer on leagues was very unclear. Many of the war-mongering members of my clan and I saw the 9d "Prepare for war" timer to...
  6. Thanks. I knew there was a website, couldn't...

    Thanks. I knew there was a website, couldn't remember it.
  7. Is there a current upgrade planner app for Android?

    I used to use a third party app to keep track of my village upgrades. I prefer to do the most expensive upgrades in all one building type first. That app let me sort by cost which was helpful.
  8. [General] Before giving us 1-hour quests, Supercell should fix this first

    I think I timed out at 30 minutes. I'm only at in Titan 1.
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    [Android] Notifications are acting weird.

    My notifications have been acting funny lately.

    • Often I am alerted “your army is ready for battle” only to find my heroes still have 15-20 minutes left (no I wasn't attacked).

    • Over the...
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    The bonues in sub-crysatal III leagues is hardly...

    The bonues in sub-crysatal III leagues is hardly worth it, even when doubled.

    I have trouble understanding the trophy climb for other than the achievement unless you actually plan on surviving...
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    Suggestion: Bonus loot for 3 stars

    My clan mates and I were chatting about game ideas this weekend. After sifting through the list of previously-made suggestions, only one was left over:

    Double the bonus loot for scoring 3 stars...
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