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  1. hay, check us out, adult clan 15 current members,...

    hay, check us out, adult clan 15 current members, fun, war 1 week until we get larger and majority want more war..we vote for change, have BAND for better communication. clan name bushidokan, ...
  2. Merry Christmas and happy new year to all

    Thank you for another great year of enjoyable gaming and gamers.
  3. so disappointed in christmas trees location

    I have collected 2013,2014, 2015 trees in margin so not to interfer with base design. This year my 2 trees appear in center where I must remove both or have poor base design. Please help the many...
  4. Replies

    50 yea go guys!

    76, yea, go Clansmen we can win!!!
  5. 3 great wars this week

    We are winning 11-7-1 this will improve as the clan ages and we gain more experienced clashers
  6. We need you :)

    We are 2 Champions starting a new clan can use experienced help, clan is Bushidokan. The name means " way of the warrior" we have 21 members now. Come and look at us, war back to back, generous...
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