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    If you carried out a search, not a war, some...

    If you carried out a search, not a war, some friends or members of you in the clan follow you when you attack, and you do not want this thing and annoy you some times. I want to add a feature, close...
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    Watch the attack at search time

    I have a very beautiful suggestion and some will be happy
    Which is: If you add a feature, close or open, watch scenes playing attacks
    Now some are annoyed that someone has seen someone play
  3. خاصيه المشاهده وقت الهجمه

    عندي اقتراح جدا جميل وسوف يسعد البعض
    وهو :ان تضيفو خاصيه اغلق او فتح مشاهدت لعب هجمات السيرش
    الان البعض يتضايق من ان يشاهد احد ما لعب الشخص
    او انكم تضيفو ميزت اذ احد شاهدك يمديك تشوف اسم الشخص...
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