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  1. Ability to part fill boat crates whilst waiting for help

    Sometimes a boat crate requires 11 of something easy to make such as bread or cream. I assume that most people do not keep stock of large numbers of those items. Whilst they are easy to make, the...
  2. XD @ Benjamin9632. I guess, if that is what the...

    XD @ Benjamin9632. I guess, if that is what the player wants :saywhat: I want a nice, peaceful farm but maybe not quite that peaceful! lol
  3. Put any item in storage (not just decorations)

    Hay Day is my joy every day! I love it. As I have played and grown, my farm has grown too. I now have a feel for what kind of farm I want to have. There are certain things that I no longer want...
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    Roadside Shop Limit indicator

    It would be really helpful if there was a counter visible in the shop or daily dirt to show how many upgrade (limited) items I have purchased in a single day. I am not a bot etc but I have...
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