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  1. Guys anyone hacked my two ids by the support of supercell

    Hello guys I know who hacked my I'd he is my neighbour he hacked my I'd by supercell I'd please guys help me
    My base is not on me it was filly hacked
    My request guys please help me I want back my...
  2. I have losted my clan by mistake I am lefted from my clan and my clan is banned

    Guys I have losted my clan's leadership if there is no member in my clan and only I am staying here with my small I'd and suddenly I leave the clan and my clan is properly inactive so guys please...
  3. [Android] How bro it is so boring it is repeating that...

    How bro it is so boring it is repeating that please suggest something new and better
  4. [Android] I have losted my village from last 1 year approx

    If sir i am not saying about my this village my losted village name is=STEVEN TARIGAN
    my player tag is=#LGRYLUQ9
    sir please help me i need my base i am missing my base and i hope i can get it...
  5. [Android] I have losted my village but supercell doesn't respond me¡¡¡¡why???

    If i am mritunjai i have leveled up my clan to level 15 and i have quited my base and trying to make new clan and passout to level 10 but suddenly i opened my village approx 1 year later it is not...
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    I need some legend leaguers members

    Hello guys i am mritunjai and i need some members of legend's league so guys please join my clan my clan name is=LEGENDARY STARS
    My clan LEVEL=9
    My clan tag is=#20QG0JRPV
  7. I am max th11(approximately)and now i need a clan about 9-10level

    Guys anybody can give me leadership of his clan who is unable to convince his clan please tell me my name in game=LS💫 MRITUNJAI
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