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    Super dragon idea

    Maybe someone has got this idea before me, but i wish the super dragon is just the golden dragon in the last level of single player, or at least have the same look, i just think it looks super cool.
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    Clan war (no waiting time)

    Base on the recent changes to the friendly battle where you can choose your army. I have come up with a big idea.

    Is it possible for each player to set their required clan castle defending troops...
  3. Friendly battle, choose your own clan castle

    I think the recent added feature in friendly battle where you can modify your army to attack is great.
    However it doesn't really work alone.
    You still have to change the spell, change clan castle...
  4. balanced for sure, just because ur a th11 doesn't...

    balanced for sure, just because ur a th11 doesn't mean you get special treatment.
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    Adding private messages in game

    The friend feature in game is kind of useless if you canít talk to them. The only use is to see what clan they are in and spy on them to see if they are ignoring your reinforcement request.
  6. Buying event obstacles with clan war league medals

    For some reasons the Christmas tree and Halloween special obstacles didnít even grow once in my village for a year.
    So I wish we can buy those obstacles but only the ones after the player started...
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    Decrease war preparation time

    I have been maxed out for quite a while now, and i feel like clan war is the only interesting feature that can practice your planning for a long time. I think by decreasing the preparation time to 12...
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