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  1. Join our farm

    Looking for some great farmers.. we need kind and helpful people. Aussie helpers are from all over .
  2. We need you!

    Amazing team... great friends needs someone like willing to help and get results in the Derby... have fun and come play with us!:heart::caticon:
  3. Join our wonderful Neighborhood! Members from Aussie, UK, US, New Zealand welcomed!

    we would love :heart: to have you as apart of our neighborhood. We enjoy playing in the derby, helping each other out, and having fun. Become apart of our family neighborhood! :) Aussie Helpers are...
  4. Wanted: Workers thst like to have fun and work hard !

    Let's grow this farm together and have fun doing it ... we have people from across the globe sharing and helping each other ... looking for new farmers that want to join a great group
  5. Need some good farmers

    looking for some good farmers from anywhere that are helpful and will play in the derby and willing to work !:blush:Aussie Helpers... we are from all over and would love to have some new folks!
  6. Looking for hardworking, friendly members!

    We are called the Aussie helpers, but we are from all around the world. Please join our farm! We are looking for nice, helpful, hard working folks!
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